Features: Climate Controlled Year Round HEPA Air Filtration 15 Lanes 25 Yards or 75 ft. Action Target Electronic Target Retrieval System Guns Allowed On Range: Air-guns, BB and Pellet. All black powder guns up to .75 caliber. All types of rim-fire guns. All types of center-fire guns, up to .50 caliber. All types of shotguns, up to .8 gauge. Any observed illegal weapons will be reported to legal authorities. 9321_148971865063_3408961_n 9321_148971895063_4848765_n Ammunition NOT Allowed On The Range: Steel or steel core projectiles (.177 caliber BB’s excepted). Projectiles with a muzzle velocity over 3000 fps. Projectiles over 500 grains. Projectiles over 150 grains and a muzzle velocity over 2400 fps. Projectiles contains any powder, incendiary or explosive. Sabot shotgun slugs. Darts, bolts or arrows. All ammunition must be inspected by a RSA and may be submitted to testing to determine content and/or muzzle velocity. Membership and Fees SILVER MEMBERSHIP: Individual Membership – Yearly Dues – $ 100.00 Family Membership – Yearly Dues – $ 150.00 Range Fees – $10 for first shooter, $7 for each additional shooter GOLD MEMBERSHIP: Individual Membership – Yearly Dues – $ 200.00 Family Membership – Yearly Dues – $ 250.00 Range Fees – $8 for first shooter, $6 for each additional shooter PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP Individual Membership – Yearly Dues – $300.00 Family Membership – Yearly Dues – $ 350.00 Range Fees – $5 for first shooter, $5 for each additional shooter NON-MEMBER FEES: Fee per shooter – $14.00 All lanes restricted to no more than 3 people on a lane at one time HEARING & EYE PROTECTION RENTAL – $1.00 each TARGETS – $1.50 each *Family Memberships apply to immediate family members only. **You must be at least 21 years old to rent a lane. Anyone under the age of 21 year may share a lane with his/her parent or guardian. The parent must remain with the child while in the range and assumes responsibility and liability for the child while on the premises. Range Rules 1. Weapons and ammunition must be inspected by a Range Safety Officer (RSO) prior to entering the range. (See weapons/ammunition policy) 2. Eye and ear protection must be worn prior to entering the range. 3. There is no food or drink allowed in the range. 4. The range is not responsible for any personal items lost or stolen in the range. 5. You must obey all commands given by a RSO. 6. There can be only one shooter on a firing point at a time. (Up to three shooters may share a firing point, but only one may actually shoot at any one time) 7. Guns may only be loaded or unloaded on the firing point assigned. 8. Only Law Enforcement, CCW licensees and store employees may step out of a firing point or leave the range with a loaded gun. 9. Gun preparation must be done on the firing point with the muzzle pointed down rnage. 10. Fingers will not be placed on triggers until the shooter is ready to fire. 11. Shooters must fire at the target that is assigned and numbered to their firing point/lane. 12. There is normally no cross firing across lanes allowed. 13. Intentional shooting at the walls, ceiling, floor, target track or carrier is not allowed. 14. Intentionally damaging any part of the range may result in criminal and/or civil charges being filed on the perpetrator. 15. If a “Cease fire” is issued by a RSO all shooters must take their fingers off the trigger and keep the weapon pointed down range. 16. If a “Ground weapons” is issued by a RSO, place your weapon on safe, open the action and lay the weapon on the firing point table or floor. 17. Each shooter is responsible for clearing his guns prior to leaving his firing point. 18. Report to the RSO or management any unsafe acts you observe in the range. 19. You may not retrieve any cases, ammunition or dropped items from in front of the firing line unless htere is a “Cease fire” called and monitored by a RSO. 20. Immediately report to the RSO/management, any injury or weapons damage that occurs while on the range. 21. You may pick up your own brass, or leave it on the floor. 22. Place all trash and used targets in the provided containers at the back of the range. 23. If you require assistance with a weapon, leave it on your firing point, contact the RSO and then return to your weapon and await his arrival. 24. Violation of range rules or policy may result in termination of range privileges and temporary or permanent cancellation of range membership.